The opportunity in the changing commute

There is a great deal of debate about how the mundane daily commute to work will change in the post-pandemic epoch. While commentators and politicians are voicing their opinions, the data that is starting to emerge points to commuters themselves making their opinions clear through their actions. There are [...]

The weathervanes point to change

The oil and gas sector has endured a turbulent few years, and the ramifications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are creating further uncertainty. While there are some that suggest that the implications for the markets are not likely to be too far reaching in the long term, this [...]

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High price, worst case

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the price of natural resources has risen massively. There are likely to be several ramifications which in the long term may not be good for the oil and gas sector in the long term, suggests Kay Rieck, an experienced market [...]

What’s more important, a name or the benefit it brings?

It’s not often that you get the chance to look back at where you were a decade ago and compare it to where you are today, but when you do, there’s a good chance that you will be amazed at the different a decade makes. There are three questions [...]

Could technology have the answer to the emissions debate in the oil and gas sector?

The debate around emissions is complicated and can bring out strong emotions on all sides, but it is something that the oil and gas needs to strategically adapt to. The problem is that part of the complication is the result of the wide variety of opinions and regulations that [...]

Oil price higher than expected, not as high as hoped for

OPEC+ ended the year by signalling that it would increase oil production from the start of January 2022, a move that appears to have stabilised the markets, at least for now, suggests Kay Rieck, an experienced market observer and investor. This time a year ago, the price of a [...]

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Oil and gas faces a balancing challenge in 2022

It is not an understatement to suggest that oil and gas has endured a turbulent couple of years, and that turbulence is likely to continue for some time. Companies, sectors, and the whole industry need to find new ways to balance very divergent needs and requirements, suggests Kay Rieck, [...]

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Uncertainty causes market to stumble

The news that Covid-19’s omicron variant could be more virulent and more dangerous has caused strong reactions in the oil market. After 18 months of unprecedented challenges, this is unsurprising, suggests Kay Rieck, an experienced market observer and investor. Covid-19 has made the last eighteen months phenomenally difficult for [...]

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Rise like a rocket, fall like a feather: why oil prices are so unresponsive

The high cost of power for homes and businesses looks like it will be one of the features of winter 2021/22 in many parts of the northern hemisphere. The problem is being created by an unfortunate confluence of events that is unlikely to be resolved in the short term, [...]

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Change in the financial services and the oil and gas sector (Part 2)

Banks have evolved to the point where the CEO of one of the world’s largest financial institutions can describe their organisation as a technology firm and barely raise an eyebrow. While it might seem to be a good example of industry metamorphosis that could be emulated, there are [...]

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Change in the financial services and the oil and gas sector (Part 1)

Banks and banking technology have been intertwined for the best part of three decades, and banks increasingly accept that their financial services offering is being driven by technology. The fascinating thing is that financial institutions calling themselves technology companies does not really attract any comment. Is there anything that [...]

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Like it or not, IT literacy is key in natural resources

The cyber-attack on the Colonial Pipeline in May 2021 in the sent shivers through the US economy just at the point where demand was starting to recover from the impact of Covid-19. Six months on, it is worth remembering that security in the oil and gas sector is only as [...]

What happens when an oligopoly faces competition?

There are textbooks, classes, even entire careers dedicated to economic theory. Some of the theories are good, some only apply in certain circumstances, and some are completely divorced from economic reality. One theory that is likely to become increasingly important over the next few years in the oil and gas [...]

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Highly pressurised natural gas

A perfect storm is a pretty little cliché to describe what happens when a host of bad things gang up and arrive together on your doorstep at the same time. Most markets are used to, and can handle, one or two bad things happening at any given moment. The problem [...]

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